11/28/16 Skill Practice/Applying to Product

Everything I learned today is the same skill I have been practicing for the last few weeks on Opened. That skill is to analyze theme and central idea of a story. So far I haven’t learned anything new but I am reading and doing the practices to have a better understand than I already do to figure out what the theme or central idea of a story is.

I found a story from the practice that I think I could use to analyze and use two construction paper as my final product. One of the stories is named, Star Born. I still have yet to find a few other stories that interest me enough to use as my final product. I am applying my skill by reading and analyzing the themes and central ideas of stories from the practice. I am going to apply this to the two construction papers by making a product that is a symbol of the theme or summarizing the story and using a words from the story to narrate the theme.

Everything is fairly the same except every now and then there are poems that are thrown in. I don’t do so well with poems but I am starting to understand it better than I used to.


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