1/17/17 Skill Practice

Today, on Opened I am working on figurative language, connotation, and word choice. The first try was not so easy so I’m deciding to going to reread for a third time to try to have a better understanding of the passage. I did not understand on one of the question it was trying to be sarcastic because it didn’t sound very sarcastic. I also worked on analyze the impact of author’s word choice on Opened. It is mainly trying to figure out words; I am trying to figure out the words by context around the words and use the overall passage to figure out what the question is asking. If there are words I do not know the meaning of then I use google to search up the word and from there I try to understand what the question is asking or what the answers to the question mean. I’m fairly good at analyzing the author’s impact of word choice. On the first try I got five out of the six questions right.

I still have yet to decide what my project will be for this project. Once I read a little of the novel that we are going to get in Literature I will decide whether if I want to use that book or come up with another idea for the project. I have exactly one month to finish the project so hopefully by the end of this week I have an idea and I can start to research and investigate my project more and have the skills to complete my project.


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