1/19/17 Skill Practice/Project 1 (Scratch)

Today on Opened I’m watching videos about literature, the first video is on elements of a story. These are the few notes I took watching elements of a story:

Elements of a story

All stories have:

  • Setting (time and place)
  • Character
  • Plot

Characters include:

  • People
  • Animals
  • Robots
  • Monster
  • Etc

Types of characters:

  • Major characters
    • Have a big role
  • Minor characters
    • Not very important to the story


  • Main character in the story


  • The obstacle the main character is trying to overcome.

There is this website called scratch (https://scratch.mit.edu/) where you can make games, music, drawings, etc of representing what the story I’m working on can be. I was thinking about making a song to represent my character that I am reading about in Woman Hollering Creek. I made a decent song for my Global History class project last semester but it was pretty cringing and I have a completed song waiting to be used but I don’t know yet how to represent my character and the story through music yet or in general yet.




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