1/23/17 Skill Practice/Project

Today I am working on Reading standards on opened. One video I watched for today was on the elements of setting to a story. There is a term called, ink-print and it is basically a story in the present but to us it isn’t such as The Lord of the Rings. It was very easy to take notes obviously but when it came to the assignment, it didn’t really have much to do with setting which kind of threw me off because the video was about setting. Other then that, it was pretty easy.

Still thinking which story I should make my project on. I am having a better understanding of how to make my project. I could use graphic generators online to show my understanding of the story. Some of those are comic master and graphix. I’ll mess around with these generators later at home during my free time but for now I need to focus on the reading standard because I need the skills before actually attempting making my story.


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