2/9/17 Skill Practice/Project

Today on opened I am working on determining words and phrases. The practice was a fairly easy practice and I only got one out of five wrong. I think I am starting to comprehend these reading skills better and can develop my project a lot smoother now. Though there are some words I still can’t decipher, there is google and I can find the definition which for the most part is 99.9 percent always right.

I am officially working on my project now instead of doing little bits of different projects. I am writing a story in the perspective of myself when I was in the eighth grade. This was originally an assignment from my Literature class but I decided I’d do it for my project because what better way is there to demonstrate the skills I have learned than writing a story. Not only that but I am also throwing in some breaking of the fourth wall. -These skills are and can be applied to my project by using certain phrases or idioms or figure of speech to spice up my story.

Sample/Intro. of story:

Look, look, look, look at that clock go tic-toc. “I’m so ready to drop. When am I going to be let out of this prison,” I thought to myself. I was watching the clock and tried to time my escape with the bell that was about to ring. “Oh you’re probably wondering if it’s the end of the school day, it’s not, no I’m at school early because I got dropped off early at school. Now back to the story at hand, don’t worry I’ll come back and talk to you soon,” speaking to reader. 


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