3/8/17 Skill Practice

Today on compass I took a quiz and there was a word I for sure did not know and it is aphorism. When I looked up the definition I found that it basically means a proverb or saying. On the quiz I received a 9/10 which to my surprise I got pretty high. I guess I am learning to retain information by doing a lot of reading now. I also am typing an essay because Thomas Paine’s persuasive writing was so powerful that it inspired soldiers to fight for their freedom. I am applying my skills by writing an essay on one of Thomas Paine’s work to inspire soldier during the war. Today I also started on the next lesson which is featured around Andrew Carnegie, an American Philanthropist. This section will focus on analyze cause and effect text structure and identifying main ideas and supporting details.

Cause and effect text structure organizes information in a logical way.

  1. the relationship is stated clearly.
  2. the relationship must be inferred. gather information, make connections, and draw conclusions based on the totality of what has been read
  3. Effects may be part of a chain in which one effect causes a second effect, which causes a third effect
  • Seven Years War doubled England’s debt which lead to taxes rising overseas
  • lead to Stamp Act
  • conflict between England and North American colonies, which led to American Revolution

Identify main ideas and supporting details

  • what is the main idea for this paragraph
  • what does the author want you to take away from it

Andrew Carnegie:

  • First Captains of Industry
  • Known for his philanthropy

For my project I am thinking of writing a script to demonstrate my skills. I am thinking this because for HL Literature we are going to do a project and since it is open ended I was going to make a short film. But to make the short film I would have to have a script so the people would know what to say and within it I might make my own interpretations on a story I have yet to choose.


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