3/10/17 Skill practice

Today on Compass I am working on reading skills. In this lesson I am learning how to analyze main ideas and supporting details but also causes and effects. The person I am learning in this lesson is Andrew Carnegie. One main idea is his dedication and motivation to learn and succeed led him to bigger and better positions because he taught himself to use telegraph machine, got a job with railroad, and took over as superintendent. Because of this Carnegie begins a steel business, and over the course of 25 years he builds it into a multi-million-dollar corporation and later sells his business and donates his fortune to various causes. Today on compass I am learning to understand functional text. Currently this lesson is teaching what to do in different scenarios like if given a piece of paper to go see lions read everything on there such as the direction “don’t touch the lion’s chew toy.”  This can apply to the real world because there are such directions. Maybe in my project I will make a direction paper on how to make a paper airplane.


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