3/31/17 Skill Practice

Today on compass I am learning again vocab which falls under the skill of use of language. During skill practice time I learned about First International Conference on Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CETI). And within that I also learned about various vocabulary terms, such as:

  • interconnectedness: a state in which all beings work collaboratively and interdependently toward a better world.
  • technical vocabulary: words that are associated with a particular content area of topic
    • highly specialized
    • words and meanings most familiar to specialists in a particular field
  • Two types of reasoning
    • Inductive reasoning: reasoning from specific facts,  data, or observations and coming to a general conclusion.
    • Deductive reasoning: developing a conclusion based on a previous assumption or fact
  • Word consciousness: awareness of words, their meanings, and their effects, both cognitive and emotional
    • intended meaning
    • mood
    • purpose

I read the book The Elephant Vanishes, I could pick up a little bit better than before on how the author uses certain words to show what he is trying to illustrate. For sure reading more different text does help with understanding something you know nothing about. Before this skill I started I was reading a lot about history on different topics and I guess it somewhat has transition into this lesson.



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